My introduction to film-making. This 'year of the virus' has provided plenty of opportunity to clear out accumulated junk. In my garden shack there was an old movie projector and a box of old cinefilm. So I decided to digitise the movie content, and put it on the internet for the family. I think I made a stab at doing this some years ago but don't know what happened to all that. So I'm doing it again, properly. First problem was that the old Bell & Howell projector didn't work. It wouldn't transport the fragile celluloid film properly. I homed in on the clutch on the takeup spool and ended up fitting a stronger spring, it had obviously relaxed over the many years of just sitting there. So with that fixed the next problem was the light bulb - the original tungsten unit had corroded away in the damp conditions. Finding a replacement would be difficult. And here is the amazing bit. While searching in my melodeon bag for some old guitar wire (I know I had some t